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Pop School Piano for Teens & Adults
By Supersonics Piano

Maybe you don't know this, but many professional piano players are using a CHORD & SCALE approach to their playing rather that reading every note written out on a page and then memorizing the pieces.


While children can pick up note reading rather easily, often "older" beginners find this to be quite a challenge.​

Believe it or not, by learning just 4 chords (and a few techniques for how to use them) you can easily play hundreds of songs:

  • Folk Tunes

  • Children's Songs

  • Popular Songs

  • Church Hymns

  • Even Classical Pieces

Pop School lessons are suitable for brand new beginners as well as those who have taken some piano in the past.  Lessons will be personalized to each student's level of experience.

What people are saying about Pop School by Supersonics:

"WOW!  This is not how I learned as a kid!"
Daisy, new Pop School student after 1 lesson


Enroll for a trial month (4 ZOOM lessons) of Pop School with all materials sent to your home for only $150


Contact Miss Melissa to schedule a free meet and greet video chat. 

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