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Baby Sign Language

Preverbal communication for babies & toddlers

Baby Sign Basics

A class for parents, grandparents and caregivers

Wed July 12 at Poppytots Cafe in Novato

11:00 am  FREE click here to reserve a spot or

Click here to watch it on Youtube

Why use sign language with a hearing baby?


Anyone who has cared for a pre-verbal or newly verbal child knows how frustrating it can be when baby wants or needs something, but doesn't yet have words to communicate. 


This situation can easily result in the baby fussing, grunting or even crying and screaming, while the parent or caregiver attempts to guess at what the baby wants.

Signing takes care of ALL of that frustration! 


And the best part is that teaching your baby to use hand gestures for things like EAT, MORE, ALL DONE, HELP, DIAPERS is very simple, easy and fun to do!

In fact, if you wave BYE BYE to your child, you are already signing, it's that simple!


Benefits of signing with babies:

· Reduces frustration

· Minimizes need to cry/whine

· Strengthens parent/child bond

· Improves verbal skills

· Increases vocabulary

· Boosts self confidence

· Builds self-esteem

· Helps baby attain high IQ

· Enhances memory

· Helps with potty training

· Helps with social interactions

Don't Wait ... Start Signing Today


Below you'll find 2 Youtube videos that I made at the start of the pandemic that go over everything I teach in my Baby Sign Basics classes.  Watch them to learn everything you need to start signing with your little one today!


1. Miss Melissa's Baby Sign Basic Intro Video Here

2. Miss Melissa's Starter Signs and Tips Video Here



  “We signed up for Melissa's class in the beginning to introduce our son to music and to socialize him with other kids. What we underestimated was the importance of the signing aspect of the classes. It has been an incredible journey to watch as he is able to express his wants and needs ("more", "finished" "water" etc.), and we take such pride and can't help but smile when he giggles and signs "bird" when he hears the birds when he wakes up, or his favorite, "fan" whenever he sees a ceiling fan. We never realized the difference it would make in his upbringing, and how fast and how well he would react to the teaching of sign language. His sign vocabulary seems to grow every day now, and our enjoyment of the learning process does too.  Thanks Melissa.”    --   Novato Dad

Read more baby sign testimonials from Melissa's clients here

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