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Level One students play Distant Drums

Piano for Kids


While our studio is closed we are partnering with Busy Kids Do Piano, offering high quality interactive video lessons for children and parents that are very affordable and easy for any non-musician to follow!


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Did you know?

Music students out-perform non-music students on achievement tests in reading and math. Skills such as reading, anticipating, memory, listening, forecasting, recall, and concentration are developed in musical performance, and these skills are valuable to students in math, reading, and science.
- B. Friedman, “An Evaluation of the Achievement in Reading and Arithmetic of Pupils in Elementary School Instrumental Music Classes,” Dissertation Abstracts International. 

Is your child ready?
A child is ready for formal piano instruction if and when they…

  • Can read a Dr. Suess book

  • Know left from right hand

  • Can sit still on the piano bench

  • Have an available parent to help with short daily practices

  • Already have a piano or keyboard and most importantly

  • Have expressed an interest

This could be age 5, 6, 7, 8 or older and there is no rush.

If your child struggles at all with reading or completing homework assignments, it is best to wait another year to gain more experience with these things.

Read the full article: Is My Child Ready for Piano? 

The Mayron Cole Method - Level 1

For beginning students age 6 to 11

Level 1 practice pieces will cover include staff notes from Middle C up to G, the entire Bass Clef staff as well as well as interval training with harmonic seconds, thirds, and fourths. Eighth note rhythms are introduced in the first lesson! Students will enjoy learning fun and easy chord progressions to use while making up melodies and Jamming with their friends at class in our "keyboard band".  Jam sessions are very easily reproduced at home as a family.  Fun play along music is included with the materials for this course making practice session easy and also a lot of FUN!  And here are some familiar tunes you will hear your child practicing during Year One:

  • Beethoven's 9th (Ode to Joy)

  • Beethoven's 5th

  • Mozart Variation in C (Twinkle)

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb

  • Happy Birthday

  • Little Liza Jane

  • Old MacDonald

  • Jingle Bells

  • Jolly Old St. Nicholas

  • Yankee Doodle

  • And more!

The Mayron Cole Method - Level 2

For graduates of Level 1 and transfer students age 7 to teen

The second year of piano is truly rewarding for the young student!  With practice skills having been mastered during year one, and music reading skills as well, things really get grooving.  The Second Book continues with more advanced two handed play, moving around the keyboard and the grand staff, and working in groups with ensemble (part) play during our classroom jam sessions.  Time signatures, key signatures, sight reading challenges, rhythm ensembles, major and minor scales, modalities and common chord progressions are also introduced during year two.  Here are some of pieces that you will hear during Year Two:

  • Bach Musette

  • Mozart Minuet Ensemble

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  • When the Saints Go Marching In

  • Up on the Housetop

  • Brahms Lullaby

  • Fur Elise

  • And more!

Class Location

Novato Piano School
1530 Center Rd #12 Novato 94947

​Triangle Plaza Center, Body Kinetics Building

At Home Requirements

  • A piano or keyboard (with full sized keys) easily accessible for daily practice.

  • A CD or MP3 player that the student can easily operate.

  • A parent/child practice schedule of 10 to 15 minutes per day

Calendar & Fees

Full Session 31 weeks (mid-September through May)  $930 includes tuition and all materials

Hall Session 15 weeks (late January through May) $470 includes tuition and all materials

Payment Plan for Full Session (only)

$330 by check due September 1st then $75 per month auto pay on credit card.

Spring Recital Wednesday May 27th at St. Vincent's School ($5 per seat requested donation)

We do not have piano during these holiday weeks:  

  • Thanksgiving week in November

  • Christmas and New Year's weeks (2 weeks) 

  • NUSD mid-winter break (February)

  • NUSD spring break (April)

We DO have piano on Monday Nov 11 (Veteran's Day) and Monday Jan 20 (MLK Day)

Click here to see the full calendar (printable)

Missed Classes / Illness

Attending class is up to each family and student.  Schedule changes and make up classes are not available.  Should your child miss class due to illness, any new material will be mailed/emailed to you so that your child can keep up with their classmates.

Payment Policy
Piano class enrollment is for the entire session, but if you need to drop out for an unforeseen reason, you may cancel the remainder of your payments.  We do not offer refunds of any kind once the classes have begun.

We are not taking in persons students until the health crisis is over. 

To be notified of our next enrollment period, please sign up for Enews below.

Please consider starting with online lessons with Busy Kids Do Piano!

Meet Miss Melissa

Miss Melissa Ayotte has been a popular Early Childood Music and piano teacher in Marin County for over 20 years.  She currently lives on Hamilton in Novato with her husband Carlos (of local bartender fame) and their daughter, Bella, a senior at Novato High.  Melissa’s son Charlie studies math & music at Santa Clara University.  Melissa began studying piano with Antonia Cippolina in  Mill Valley in the early 1970's at the age of 5.  She studied privately for over 12 years and continued her music education at College of Marin with Paul Smith.   Melissa has played and performed professionally at Marin restaurants, theater companies and churches., and plays regularly with Mr. Elliott at Our Lady of Loretto church in Novato.


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