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Class Schedule

Family Music for Babies

Newborn to 18 months

Thursday 11:30  

Friday 9:00 


Family Music for Toddlers 

14 months to 3.5 years

Thursday 10:00   

Friday 10:00 


Classes meet once per week for 40 minutes

Each child attends with a parent/caregiver.

Class Location

Novato Piano School

1530 Center Rd #12 94947

Triangle Plaza Center​, Body Kinetics Building

Sing & Play Day! 

Friday January 10th

Enjoy a one-time class with your baby, toddler or preschooler!

Details and enrollment here


Winter Session

Jan 13 to Feb 14 (5 classes)

$125 includes tuition, CD & songbook

Enroll online here

Spring Session

March  2 to May 8 (10 classes)

No classes held April 6 to 10 spring break

$245 includes tuition, CD & songbook

Enroll online here

SAVE $20 when you enroll for both Winter and Spring at the same time!

Come try it out!

50% off your child's first Musikgarten class

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Take a Sneak Peek

VIDEO: Baby Ball Play at Novato Piano School

VIDEO: Mixed Ages Drum Circle at Novato Piano School

VIDEO: Parachute Play at Novato Piano School

VIDEO: Rocking Goodbye at the End of Class​

VIDEO: Babies with Shakers at Novato Piano School

VIDEO: Rhythm Makers at Novato Piano School

The research is in  --   MUSIC MATTERS! 

And it matters early.


Exposing babies, toddlers and preschoolers to live, joyful, musical experiences can greatly enhance brain and body development when it probably matters most: during the first 3 years of life.

ARTICLE: University of Washington, Music Improves Baby Brain Responses to Speech

At Novato Piano School we give parents and caregivers (musical or not) everything they need to provide the children in their care with these types of experiences.

In class you will learn songs, rhymes, rhythms, dances, bounces, and finger plays that are simple and easy enough for you to repeat daily throughout the week between classes.

It is the daily music making experiences that will make a big difference in your child's life.

At your very first class you will receive a CD, songbook and digital downloads so that you and your child can bring your class experience home and share it with your family right away!

Classes Include

· Instrument Exploration

· Steady Beat Practice

· Focused Listening

· Rhythm Patterns

· Vocal Development

· Rocking & Relaxation

· Keyboard Geography

· Sign Language (ASL)

· Musical Storytime

· Creative Movement & Dance

· Traditional Folk Music

· Classical Favorites

A Note from Miss Melissa...

My own personal experience with early childhood music began in 1998 when my son was only 10 months old and I received my training and started my program.  Having my own baby to "practice" the home activities with was not only beneficial for me as a teacher and for Charlie as a growing baby, but observing him learn, grow and enjoy the program was especially empowering for me as a parent.  I was sold!

With my background in piano and music theory, I chose to teach the Musikgarten curriculum for a few reasons:

  • Focus on folk and classical music.

  • "Follow the Child" teaching pedagogy.

  • High quality beautifully recorded CDs given out each session.​

Musikgarten Classes Include:


Emphasis on Folk and Classical Music
Musikgarten is based on the music that has existed for generations.  This music has imprinted itself on the human experience and its familiarity is key in helping children learn to sing in tune and keep steady beat.
Instrument play
Age-appropriate exploration with real instruments enhances a sense of rhythm and steady beat, develops a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sound, and encourages spontaneity and creativity.
A room full of family and friends dancing together helps a little body develop the muscle strength needed at first to crawl and walk and then to jump and march.  All children are completely free to move about the room at anytime during class and this freedom helps a little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding physically to music.
Together time
Musikgarten classes are the essence of “quality time”.  We provide you a place to create special memories, nurture the growing bond you share, and gain new insights into your child’s development. 
Baby sign language for early communication
You will learn American Sign Language ASL in every class and techniques on how to use sign language every day to enhance your child’s language development.
Learning continues at home
With your CDs, books & instruments (all included in the enrollment fee) the learning continues all week long with your child’s best teacher—you!


A Few More Details.....

Please do not bring in any food, drinks, or toys
These items are not allowed anywhere in the studio, please leave them in the car.  In the interest of cleanliness, distraction and fairness, this is very important.  If you send another person to attend with your child, please let them know (also important).  Breastfeeding OK at anytime.

Siblings attending together
Plan on attending with 2 adult participants when enrolling siblings (whenever possible). Siblings who are not enrolled but have a day off of school may be able to attend class for a drop-in fee, however, please make prior arrangements in this situation.
​  Please know that older siblings will not be permitted to attend the baby class at anytime.

Home Materials
Each session will be designed around a theme and will be complimented with a CD, digital music, and a songbook.  All included in the enrollment fee.

Payment Policy
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  If after attending your first class, the program does not suit your needs, you may request a 100% refund (minus any opened or kept home materials).  After attending 2 or more classes, refunds are not available except credit may be issued in extreme or rare circumstances.  

Make Up Classes

Attending your regular class is very important.  Missed classes have no cash or credit value.  There may an opportunity to attend an additional class as a courtesy to make up for an absence if you make this request via email within a day or two of your absence.